Issues in Journalism

Following our discussions on the First Amendment and free speech, we have entered the ethics and legal issues journalists face today. One obvious issue that comes to mind is lying or inventing your own quotes, situations, or flat-out stories, in the case of Stephen Glass. Although captions in yearbook are not even close to front page stories in the New Republic, its all the same thing. When you present your piece to your editor, you are showing that all that you have written is 100% true. As we have learned, fabricated information is not protected by the First Amendment and is probably the #1 rule that journalists, if I can call myself one, always need to keep in mind when they submit their stories, captions, quotes. Hopefully, none of the yearbook staff end up frantically building bad websites to cover fabricated stories, in which case they would need to go through years of mental therapy. Anyway, this was a really interesting story and I can’t wait to see what follows this in our Digital Media Class.


One comment on “Issues in Journalism

  1. huddlestonk says:

    Thanks for adding this post, Henry. I will count this as this week’s post on issues.

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