Thanksgiving in the Beach Family

Thanksgiving is very laid back in my family, as is every holiday. We almost never have guests over and there usually aren’t many activities planned. Whenever there is a break, we enjoy it as best as we can and however we want. My older sister came in town and met up with all of her friends, my dad played with his new iPhone 4S for countless hours, I caught up on managing my server, my mom started Christmas shopping, and my little sister played with her friends.

Although, this year we did get something fun for the whole family, a Foosball table. It was what most of our break surrounded this year, and we have all gotten pretty good at it. On thanksgiving day we played Foosball, ate, went to a friends house where we played with them on their Foosball table. They talked us into getting one, and I am very glad we did. I think that Foosball competitions will be added to our small list of activities on Thanksgiving day and I hope we are much better by next year.

As for the meal: my sisters made homemade macaroni and cheese, my mom roasted the turkey in our crock pot, a my dad made the butternut squash soup and garlic green beans. That is a typical thanksgiving meal for us, but we had dessert when we went to our friends home.

We don’t usually stuff ourselves on thanksgiving, but this year, it wasn’t hard.

Foosball Table

This is similar to ours, but ours is way nicer.


My dad played with the new "Siri" app where you can give it commands.

Pecan Pie

My friends mom made this... *sooo good*


One comment on “Thanksgiving in the Beach Family

  1. huddlestonk says:

    I like that your family has a nice, laid back Thanksgiving–no overdoing it. My family needs to try that sometime.

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