So here we are today, following up my recent post on examples of good graphic design. I mean, you knew this would come sooner or later. We will go through the Top Terrible Examples of Graphic Design, or TTEGD. From the classic no-effort websites, to the *facepalm* examples of logos… THIS IS TTEGD! (commence the cheezy gameshow music)

Starting us off with Number 3 is…. is here to give you the basics on great graphic design, I mean, just look at their perfect example of a site: *warning* SARCASM INTENDED

"great" graphic design tips

Follow's tips for graphic success!

Coming in at Number 2: ACCEPT JESUS, FOREVER FORGIVEN at

If I could describe this website in one word it would be puzzle. The thing that amazes me about this site is the fact that they it is a Christian website with a gif of a panther running and a bright rainbow background scrolling the the right. The website seems as if you stare too long, eye damage is ever so possible. I am not even sure if they wanted to make this website serious, but if they really wanted to promote Christianity, I would first remove the creepy messages advertising eternal life.

Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven

Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven

Finishing us off with the Number 1 worst example of graphic design is: Check Point Software Technologies Logo!

I am going to be straightforward and say it. Check Point Technologies Ltd has the worst logo I have ever seen. It looks as if they hired a toddler to draw their logo. I can guarantee that they sat the kid down in front of a desktop computer and gave him bright colored crayons. This is not something I would want my business to be remembered by.

Toddler Art

Toddler Art


4 comments on “TTEGD

  1. Katie Foster says:

    Not gonna lie, the Jesus website looks like the the interior decorating of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. And I like the 1st ones little awkward leaf thing in the corner.

  2. Kory says:

    That really could be the worst logo I’ve ever seen.

  3. shanksr says:

    Hahaha I love the way this was written! It was really funny and interesting. Those were some really nice, awful websites.

  4. huddlestonk says:

    I agree with everything. Great examples of design gone bad!

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