YouTube Partnership

Recently, I have received a YouTube partnership allowing me to monetize my YouTube videos and earn revenue from the advertisements on my channel. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. A partnership is the first step in becoming a successful YouTuber.

With this partnership I was given a Google AdSense account where I can see all the earnings I that my videos have generated. When I first received the partnership, I could only monetize one of my videos. Now, I have monetized all of my videos. Some of my videos have has copyright content and I cannot earn revenue off of them, but that is only one or two videos out of my 82 and counting. Since the beginning of the school year I have only been able to put off 5 videos, but I am counting on Christmas break to get me going again.

Once my channel gets over 100,000 views, I get the second step of the partnership where I can edit my channel with HTML and add links to my website or other things. That will be a while from now because I am only at 42,000 total views.

The monetized videos earn revenue when people click on the advertisements, which most people don’t. Therefore, I have barely made more than $20, which is not a bad start, but I wish it could be better.

My channel is growing fast and at this rate I expect to be on the second step of the partnership by February, so I am not worried about losing any steam on my channel.

YouTube Monetization

Monetizing my videos.

Google AdSense

My Google AdSense account.